Packaging, Music, Hand-lettering, Print

Various 7" and 12" vinyls created for both mainstream and independent musicians.


Telepathic Love 

Goodnight Records

Debut 12" album, pressed on limited edition blue vinyl. Inspired by the title "Telepathic Love," the patterns experiment with optical illusions resulting in visuals that may or may not be present. 



Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody and Heaven Split 7"
Goodnight Records

Pressed on limited-edition pink vinyl



Album Blotter
Alike Records

Illustrated and lettered by hand and pressed on limited-edition 180 gram vinyl



Pink Martini
Heinz Records
Original art direction by Lang Walker, Kirk Holz and Thomas M. Lauderdale
at Borks' Graphics Cafe ©Heinz Records

A deluxe vinyl repackage of Pink Martini's internationally-acclaimed, debut album.