Digital, UX, UI, Mobile, Typography, Responsive Design, Education, Storytelling, Community Involvement, The Climate Group

Art direction and design: Ashley Stevens; Cadre NYC
Development: Michael Duke; Cadre NYC

The Climate Group is an award-winning, international non-profit that works with corporate and government leaders to promote innovation and social change around bettering our environment. They are the host of Climate Week NYC – the home to over 140 events and activities across NYC during the UN Climate Summit. Cadre NYC created a responsive site that allows users to easily access event information, seamlessly integrates CWNYC social content and simplifies the sponsorship application process across mobile, tablet and PC platforms. 


A modular grid design satisfies the needs of attendees, sponsors and event hosts while also making information easily accessible to all users on PCs, mobile and tablet devices.


We created a custom social aggregator on the homepage to display real-time tweets and instagram photos that contain the hashtag: CWNYC.


We organized the 140+ events with a modular grid system that site administrators can easily update. Site visitors use a real-time filtering system to search for events of interest.