Art Direction, Design, Digital, Identity, Storytelling

Created while at The B Team
Site developed by: Tagged Studio

:FHPC (Fair, Honest, Positive, Creative) is a philosophy developed by Jochen Zeitz, former Chairman and CEO of PUMA. The site (FHPC.ME) serves as an informational platform to encourage corporations and individuals to adopt the philosophy as their own moral compass.


:FHPC Identity and Digital Experience
Art direction: Ashley Stevens
Design: Ashley Stevens and Marjorie Lin

The :FHPC digital experience is a scrolling site that educates users on how to be :FHPC and recognizes the companies that have adopted it as their moral compass. Digital assets are available for download so that users can spread the word and visually display their commitment. 

The malleable and bold identity allows users to incorporate and modify the philosophy for their own purposes and to encourage others to adopt Fair, Honest, Positive, Creative as their own moral compass. 

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:FHPC Desktop Wallpaper
Art direction: Ashley Stevens
Design: Marjorie Lin